Infection Of Lungs Can Cause Pneumonia!

There are various types of infections such as eye infection, throat infection, sinus infection etc.

The infection which is caused in lungs is known as pneumonia. The three general causes for this are bacteria, fungi and virus.

Accidentally inhaling a chemical or liquid can also get pneumonia.

Pneumonia easily affects the people who are older than 65 years or the small kids who are younger than 2 years, or the people who already got health problems. Pneumonia is the infection that occurs when you breathe micro organisms into your lungs.

You will observe the following symptoms if you have pneumonia

The symptoms of pneumonia will vary from one age group to other age group. The most common symptoms of this include:

  1. You will feel the feverishness.
  2. You will feel chill and tend to shiver.
  3. You will have cough.
  4. You will have unusual rapid breathing.
  5. You will breathe with grunting and wheezing sounds.
  6. You will have unusual vomiting.
  7. You will have chest pain because of the difficulty in breathing.
  8. You will have abdominal pain.
  9. In extreme cases your lips and fingernails will be changed into gray or bluish color.

The child’s only symptom of pneumonia is rapid breathing. Pneumonia can also occur in the lower part of the lungs that means near abdomen. In this case there will be no breathing problem but, there will feverishness, vomiting and abdominal pain.

Pneumonia will get affected at different places in different situations as follows:

  1. If you have certain diseases such as HIV/AIDS and chronic illnesses like emphysema, cardiovascular disease and diabetes then there are more chances of getting pneumonia.
  2. Abuse alcohol or smoke can also cause this. Smoke is the main cause for small kids. The kids who breathe in the polluted smoke can get affected with this pneumonia.
  3. If you are hospitalized in intensive care with mechanical ventilation then there are a lot of chances of getting pneumonia. You will get affected by this because of the breathing tube, it avoids normal breathing and allows your stomach’s contents to stay in esophagus where they will be allow to stay harmful bacteria.
  4. If you get exposed to dreadful chemicals and pollutants.

The screening and diagnosis of pneumonia will be done as follows:

Depending on the medical history and physical test your doctor will suspect pneumonia. If you have pneumonia your doctor will hear an abnormal bubbling and cracking sounds near the lungs. These sounds indicate the presence of thick abnormal liquid near your lungs. These sounds indicate pneumonia.

You can also be conformed to pneumonia by taking chest x-rays. Your doctor can conform this by seeing the x-rays. You can also get the clear report by this x-rays. These x-rays will give the clear location of infection.

The blood test also tells the presence of viruses, bacteria and fungus by checking the white cell count.

Sometimes a sample of your phlegm will also be used to identify pneumonia.

Depending on symptoms and severity, your pneumonia will be treated by your doctor. Pneumonia will be cured under doctor prescription only. There is no self treatment for pneumonia.