High Blood Pressure Frequently Undiagnosed In Children

Even children and young kids are getting high blood pressure.

It is being diagnosed in more and more children.

Five percent children are suffering from high blood pressure, a condition in which blood vessels and heart overwork.

High blood pressure in children is caused due to many factors such as overweight, kidney problems, intake of salt and other illnesses.

The levels of hypertension will be different for children compared to adults.

Adult hypertension levels will be standard where as kid’s blood pressure readings are measured according to gender, age and height.

High blood pressure among children and adolescents, a growing problem linked to increasing juvenile obesity, often goes undiagnosed in the United States, according to a study published.

This is dangerous, as high blood pressure can quietly damage the organs, especially the kidneys, the researchers reported in this week’s Journal of the American Medical Association. High blood pressure, or hypertension, often signals another disease in children, like endocrine disorders, kidney or heart disease.

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Recently, high blood pressure in children is occurring due to overweight. Obese children with high blood pressure will be in danger because they are likely to become heart disease patients in adulthood. High blood pressure in children can also contribute to endocrine disorders and kidney diseases.

If obese children do not exercise or participate in physical activity, then there is a risk of high blood pressure.

If the child is suffering from renal kidney disease, such as renal artery stenosis, then there is a risk of hypertension because kidneys play an important role in regulating levels of blood pressure. Therefore, damage or illness to these organs can cause systolic and diastolic blood pressure readings that are very high.

If the parents of the child have high blood pressure, there is great risk of developing hypertension in child also. Low birth weight babies who gain weight quickly also are under the risk of developing hypertension.

Children show extreme emotion, which affects hypertension. If hypertension is temporarily high, there is no need of treatment. Diagnosis of high blood pressure in children should be conducted to give proper treatment.

Once the diagnosis confirms high blood pressure, treatment will be different for children than adults. When dealing with kids, it is important to find out the cause for high blood pressure and accordingly plan the treatment.

Usually medicines will not be prescribed for kids unless there is severe hypertension. High blood pressure in children can be cured by lifestyle modifications. Overweight children should achieve and maintain healthy weight. The diet should be controlled with fewer intakes of fats and salt.

Caffeine and other stimulants should be avoided. Stress should be controlled. Once healthy lifestyle is followed, blood pressure in children can be controlled.