Green Tea Fights Psoriasis, Dandruff

Antioxidant packed green tea holds promise in treating inflammatory skin conditions such as dandruff, lupus induced lesions and psoriasis, according to a new study.

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Green tea can be used to treat skin diseases and wounds. According to the new study, it has advanced to the psoriasis treatment and dandruff cure. But, how green tea can help in treating the skin conditions? Green tea consists of compounds called polyphenols which help in eliminating free radicals. These free radicals can cause cancer by altering DNA.

In psoriasis, cells of the skin multiply out of control and skin becomes thicker and flake off. Inflammation also occurs when immune cells in the body are activated. Green tea works by regulating the expression of caspase-14, a protein, in genes that regulates the skin cell life cycle. Caspase-14 is an enzyme which is involved in epithelial cell differentiation.

A person with psoriasis is defective of this enzyme and can lead to proliferation of cells characteristic of the condition.

The study compared normal skin cells with the cells that are exposed to EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate). EGCG is a major catechin of green tea. The skin cells which are dying exposed to EGCG are actually reactivated.

When skin cells move to upper layer of the skin, it has a life of about month. By the 20th day, the cells will be almost dead. But, the cells that are exposed to EGCG start dividing, making DNA and producing more energy. Once the dying cells are energized, the skin condition can be improved.

When the effects of EGCG is combined on skin cells in different layers of the epidermis, skin conditions such as rosacea, wrinkles, wounds and psoriasis can be treated.

But, certain psoriasis treatments and dandruff cure can have serious side effects. As green tea is plant derived, it can be used as an alternative. You should be careful when taking green tea because the chemicals in the green tea are very much active which can oxidize too quickly when mixed with other ingredients. The chemicals also dissolve in hot water and cannot penetrate the skin’s barrier.

Before taking the green tea, you should know the required quantities; otherwise you cannot tackle the treatment program of dandruff and psoriasis.

Further research should be conducted to find a fat soluble formula which can permeate human skin, unlike the current water soluble one, which cannot penetrate through skin’s barrier.