Excess Fatigue Will Cause Chronic Fatigue Syndrome!

If you are feeling excess fatigue then take care so that it may not lead to chronic fatigue syndrome.

This is a complicated syndrome that occurs due to excess fatigue. This will also occur as an infection such as cold or viral illness.

It does not get improved by bed rest and it can even get worse with mental or physical activity.

The chronic fatigue syndrome affects women more frequently than men. In past days the doctors tend to believe that this syndrome occurs due to depression.

But, later the experts have proved that this is a different disease with physical symptoms.

The causes for chronic fatigue syndrome are unknown. It is not a contagious disease. There is no particular infection or cause for this syndrome.

Symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome are

  • You will have severe fatigue for long period of time.
  • You will feel difficulty in concentrating something or forgetfulness.
  • You will also have various physical disorders such as sore throat, muscle pain, joint pain, head ache and weakness.

Chronic fatigue syndrome leads to hypoglycemia

Recently in the latest research, it is found that chronic fatigue syndrome leads to hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia is a problem that causes due to low blood sugar. There are several problems with low blood sugar. This situation occurs because of the loss of excess fatigue from your body.

It is very important for your body to maintain the blood and sugar levels equally. If these levels fall too low, then the supply of energy to all the tissues, especially brain, will get impaired.

If these levels are high, they will damage arteries and your body is affected with heart diseases. So, your body should be in such a way that it should maintain blood and sugar levels equally. Liver is the part which controls the blood and sugar levels in your body.

The person with hypoglycemia will feel excess stress for small reasons because of the stress hormones. Insulin is stress hormone that has the effect of pushing sugar into the cells of the blood stream. Your blood sugar levels can drop and leads to several problems because of hypoglycemia.

Treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome

Generally chronic fatigue syndrome will be cured by different treatments such as doing exercises daily, moderating daily activity by avoiding excessive physical and mental stress, treatment for depression, treatment for existing pain, treatment for allergy like symptoms and by treatment for problems in the nervous system.

The treatment for hypoglycemia will be some what different from chronic fatigue syndrome. The treatment includes:

  • You need to switch to good diet by taking proteins and carbohydrates in your food.
  • You should eat all vegetables (except potatoes), seeds, nuts etc.
  • You should eat one piece of fruit after meals and should prefer fruits instead of fruit juices.
  • You should take high dose of probiotics which are essential in controlling low blood sugar. Probiotics will replace yeast present in your body. Yeast will worsen the problem of hypoglycemia.
  • Hypoglycemia will be accompanied with micronutrient deficiencies. So, you should take supplement for nutrition.

By following the above methods you can increase your low blood sugars and you can get rid of hypoglycemia.