Bulimia – A Serious Eating Disorder Among Women!

Eating disorder will lead to bulimia. It is a disease which occurs due to eating large amount of food with in short period of time.

Bulimia is also known as bulimia nervosa. People with bulimia force to eat food quickly (binge) and then purge (vomit).

Purging involves various activities such as forced vomiting, excessive exercise, laxative use, or fasting for long period in order to lose weight (lose weight in a healthy way).

If you are suffering with bulimia, then you often feel the loss of control over your eating and you will feel guilt over your behavior.

You can feel abnormal behavior. Bulimia will be seen mostly in adolescent and young women.

There is no particular cause for bulimia. Bulimia will arise from various biological, genetic, psychological, environmental, social and genetic factors. Bulimia is the most common disease among college students.

The symptoms of bulimia are irregular bowel functioning, damage in teeth and gums, dehydration, tiredness, uneven heartbeat, dry skin problem and in woman menstrual irregularities will occur.

Pregnancy Eating Disorder is the serious problem for young women

This bulimia nervosa will be seen mostly in women. Women who are suffering with this will have various internal problems such as menstrual irregularities and pregnancy problems.

Among these two problems, the most serious problem is pregnancy eating disorder. Millions of young woman are affected with this pregnancy eating disorders. They are supposed to follow crash diets to have skinny look. These improper eating or crash dieting will affect the woman in childbearing age. Woman who has bulimia will not become pregnant easily. She will have various internal disorders due to improper dieting.

Basically there are two types of disorders namely anorexia and bulimia.

Anorexia is a disorder that occurs due to starvation and doing excessive exercise in order to stay thin. People with this disorder will be very thin. The people with this disorder will feel themselves as too fat. Girls with this disorder will not get their menstrual cycles regularly or they may have got stopped. Some times untreated anorexia will lead to death due to starvation.

The second type of disorder is bulimia. This will be caused by binge eating and purging. People who are suffering with bulimia will have normal weight or slightly over weight. The various complications among bulimia are bowel dysfunction, loss of tooth enamel, tooth decay and various cardiovascular problems. Bulimia is a psychological disorder. Intensive treatment is required for it.

These two disorders will cause lot of problems to the pregnant woman. These disorders will interrupt the menstrual cycle. So, the woman who has these disorders cannot able to imagine their baby healthy and strong. These eating disorders will affect the unborn child. A baby developing in the stomach needs nutrients from mother in order to develop as healthy baby.

The various complications in pregnant woman with eating disorder are miscarriage problems, birth defects, fetal demise, bowel problems and dangerous problems while giving birth.

Treatment for women with pregnancy eating disorders

The one and only self care treatment for bulimia is following regular and balanced diets by not binging lot of food at a time. This is the best cure which can be done by you. You must take time to eat. You must eat food slowly and leisurely with out any tensions. This treatment is not meant for pregnancy woman only. This is meant for all the people who are suffering with bulimia.