Are You Having Emphysema? Here Is A Nutritional Plan Which Helps You A Lot!

Are you aware of the term emphysema? It is a chronic respiratory disease where there is over-inflation of the air sacs in your lungs.

This results a decrease in lung function and often breathlessness. Emphysema can also be called as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Emphysema is the most well-known reason for deaths from respiratory illnesses in the US.

1.8 million Americans have this condition and it ranks fifteenth among chronic diseases that cause limitations of activity.

Generally emphysema comes from smoking, exposure to toxic chemicals and in some cases it can be considered as hereditary defect. There is no cure for emphysema but your doctor will help in treating the disease and makes your breathing easier.

There are two types of emphysema. One is Panlobular and the other is Centrilobular Emphysema.

Anorexia can cause emphysema:

Anorexia can also cause emphysema. Undernourishment ensuing from anorexia nervosa can cause this disease. There is a greater change in the physical structure of your lungs due to malnutrition. It causes a reduction in amount of lung tissues. These structural changes can be permanent or temporary.

Anorexia is a disease which mainly affects young women. It is an eating disorder illustrated by intentional starvation. Up to 3.7 percent of American women suffer from anorexia during their lifetime. In severe cases of anorexia, improper intake of nutrition can cause a serious heart, kidney and liver damage. Frankly speaking, anorexia nervosa is the purest form of malnutrition.

If malnutrition is the major reason of emphysema in anorexic patients, it can supply to emphysema in smokers. If this is the case, then nutritional treatment will greatly help in slowing down the development of the symptoms in smokers.

Nutrition for emphysema:

Initially you need to follow mucus cleansing juice diet for some days. Consume raw potato, carrot and parsley juice. This combination is good for relieving the symptoms of emphysema.

Parsnip juice also acts as a great remedy to relieve the symptoms of emphysema. This juice contains phosphorous and chlorine. These are helpful substances for lungs and bronchial system.

If you are over weight and affected with emphysema, you must lose weight to minimize the strain. Take nutrient-rich diet which includes fresh, preferably raw vegetables and fruits. They provide important vitamins required for the development tissues.

Reduce the intake of mucus forming foods such as red meat, dairy products, processed foods, coffee, and eggs. Consume salt in fewer amounts because this can develop other diseases along with emphysema.

Surgery for emphysema:

Lung operation is usually a helpful treatment for those with severe symptoms of emphysema. It makes many sufferers to feel better but typically it does not prolong their lives.

If you have wide spread lung damage then it will be very difficult to do the operation and it won’t succeed. For someone who had different pattern of disease, the surgery improves their quality of life and also length of survival.

The effects of surgery will vary from person to person. If you experience any serious side effects, immediately consult your doctor.

Early recognition of emphysema can save your life. Also you need to follow proper nutritional plan and treatment to get relief from symptoms.